The Tire Screenshot
The Tire Screenshot
The Tire Screenshot
The Tire Screenshot
The Tire Screenshot
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Try to imagine that one person worked as a car mechanic and had his own car service (it's not so important who he worked for, but it's important that he devoted a lot of his nerves to work). Imagine also that one day, late in the evening, he was walking home after a hard day's work and saw a tire lying in the forest (his path passed through the forest). Imagine that he decided to kick her with all the strength accumulated during the day. Think about how much he was relieved that as he approached the house, he saw this tire lying near the entrance next to other, "decorative" tires. He began to repeat it day after day, finding in this the salvation of his soul ...

This person is the main character of this game.

You use your reaction and agility to make him hit the tire (and not only the tire) as hard as possible, and it flew as far as possible. You upgrade his skills, unlock new items, earn achievements and the most interesting - compete with other players in a new sport!