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Horror Tale Screenshot
Horror Tale Screenshot
Horror Tale Screenshot
Horror Tale Screenshot
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Horror Tale is a first-person horror adventure game suitable for all age groups.

Children have been missing in Lakewitch for a long time, and you are destined to unravel this chilling mystery. Who is the kidnapper and why are they doing this? Where have the children gone, and how can you save them?

In this episode, you will encounter your friend Harry, who has come up with a plan to rescue you and the children nearby from the clutches of the kidnapper while you wait for your parents to return. Together with him, you will attempt to fortify the treehouse to keep the terrifying kidnapper away. On the journey towards your goal, puzzles, chilling moments of fear, screams, unexpected twists, and lots of fun await you!

Features of the horror story:

Mysterious and captivating storyline

Scary opponents and interesting characters

Jigsaw puzzles, riddles, and search items

Beautifully designed graphics

5 different locations

Original soundtrack by the author